Our Associates

Technology, Networking, Software, App Solution Partners.

Technology Partners

Dell has been working together with IWHU with the common focus to provide world class Server Hardware and Storage Devices to ensure seamless operations. Dell products are benchmarked for their quality and that is why we utilize their hardware and the hosting practices to ensure that all the sites we host are fast, efficient, responsive and well protected against Hardware failure. Dell provides to IWHU, all the Datacenter servers, computers and laptops to meet our in-house requirement.
DIBM’s Servers integrates with IWHU’ Business practices resulting in efficient technology and hardware maintenance. With the reliable expertise of IBM Business Partners, we can confidently address the increasing demands on our client’s IT infrastructure. IWHU with IBM ensures configuration flexibility and rich systems management tools to help client’s business grow.
Cisco has been working together with IWHU with the common focus to provide Network Hardware to ensure superior connectivity. IWHU and Cisco together, ensure the best in network hardware, industry-leading availability and integrated security. Our solutions cater even to our client’s organization's specialized needs. IWHU Datacenter uses Cisco network equipments only.

Networking Partners

Tata has been IWHU’ Internet Service Provider with services including MPLS connectivity and P2P connectivity for efficiency without interruptions. Tata is one of the leading providers in India and also the primary network provider for IWHU Datacenter. Tata and IWHU have come together to provide a robust suite of IP Services makes to enable continuous Internet access. Our clients can enjoy our optimal services in today's IP-enabled marketplace.

Software Partners

IWHU and Microsoft have been associated since the start of IWHU. Microsoft has sourced its Operating System licenses, special licenses and product licenses to develop best-in-class joint solutions for IWHU Datacenter. With us Microsoft providing world class, efficient enterprise solutions to our domestic as well as international clients.
Being open source, Linux has been a major provider for customers who prefer to host their business or application on UNIX platform. CentOS, Redhat, Debian , Ubuntu and Fedora are few flavours of Linux that are widely used by our clients. Linux has also provided our team with a strong platform to develop new products based on kernel modification.

Application Solution Partners

VMWare is a leading supplier of Virtualization platforms worldwide. IWHU, with VMWare as our application partner simplify our client’s IT infrastructure to create a more dynamic and flexible facility with IWHU’s expertise and VMware's proven server and Datacenter virtualization solutions.
IWHU and cPanel have come together to provide best in class hosting solutions. CPanel sources their Linux Hosting Control Panel to IWHU. The hosting solution is easy-to-use, with powerful tools that perform essential tasks quickly, easily and reliably, thus reducing overhead by simplifying complex tasks. IWHU and CPanel together empower our clients to meet the needs of today's hosting practices with minimal effort.

This is not the only partners or associates we have - Our payments partners Paypal and 2CO, Media partners AN Media Ltd, Privet Web Advertisers and others, data center security partner CISCO Communication and their is tlnet, Hydra Pvt Ltd, Western Hardware, Saget Hardware, Lime network and others.

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