Networks & Locations

5 Data Center and Network Location, 1500Gbps Connects!

Data center in Switzerland (Zurich) and others places has full rack networking with dedicated hardware equipment. Jumpline or Cisco Switches and Routers using only, Fiber Carriers with Internap, Telia, Savvis, AboveNet, Cogntco, Global Crossing, Global Tech and more. Redundancy on Two border routers, two core routers, and redundant links to each switch. All dedicated bandwidth and almost Unmetered bandwidth available with dedicated speed.

5 Data Centers Locations, 1500Gbps Network Speed and 5 ASN (Owns)

We always work on our service, uptime and speed. That's why we peering our network with other networks. We have own Switches and Cages at the DCs. Many people think why we don't build data centers world wide or using our own BGP only. - Well, when you are talking about network and avaibility and speed you must understand you can't do that alone if you do own BGP or single fiber cable it take long to access from many parts of earth. That why e in the first place create internet exchange not Data Centers. We combined connections here and peering with networks and offer our clients awesome speed and aprox same time access from all parts of the earth. Thanks to Cognet and Global Crossing we finally managed to be our own Network. Our ASN: AS59783 (Thirteen Protocol & Global Layer) for

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