Our Data Infrastructure

Our 5 No-DMCA Supports Data Centers! Worldwide.

We have data centers at 5 locations allover the world. We choose Internet Exchange/ Data Exchange companies and use them as our data centers networks. Actually we buy data centers or buy their floors for our use, we put our hardware and technology and use the local best internet network connections. We cloud them by our others network and built a big fat data center server house. Our data centers current locations are Island, Amsterdam in Netherlands, Brisbane in Australia, Lithuania, Zurich in Switzerland. We built a multi-homed Tier 8 BGP network directly to connect our all data centers backbone. The site supports advanced direct power feeds, deep water cooling systems, rooftop generators, and 24/7/365 security. This site built on our New York data center and we are using multi-billionaire company network Bluemile. Our servers and services are legend at it self because we only deal with the best in the world. We have our own tech team to handle everything from the data centers allover the world.

We Trust Them & The Resources

We only trust the best around. Our data centers built by CISCO Solutions. Our security and communication network also built by CISCO Systems. All our hardware parts are new and top level - supply by Dell (Local). Fiber cable and power giant cables supply by HydroOne. The other networking company we trust are Global Crossing, Cogent Communications and there is many more. We also use RIPE NCC as our ISP partner as you know they are the biggest and largest in the world. We use BCloud network for secure data transfer and our DDoS full proof protection built on BCloud which is the #1 in the world. Riorey provide us there exclusive DDoS protection hardware & we trust AVG as our security scanner which saving us and our clients from virus programs. Our ASN: AS59783 (Thirteen Protocol & Global Layer) for

Our Data Centers Facilities

Security - Security is monitored by uniformed personnel 24/7/365. The hi-tech, custom surveillance system includes CCTV cameras, access cards, numeric locks, and “man-traps” that monitor and control movement throughout the building – even the use of the bathroom.

Cooling - For cooling the building utilizes APC “Infrastruxture” design and En-wave deep-water cooling. Enwave utilizes the deep, cold waters of Lake Ontario to cool the facility and is supported by rooftop condensers. Meanwhile APC’s data center Infrastruxure provides maximum air flow and security for your server.

Power - Power is supplied by two underground 13.8 kV utility lines that feed into two new 4000/5000 kVA transformers. The backup system utilizes 25 rooftop generators and 44,000 gallons of diesel fuel capable of producing 23,165 kVA.

Fire Safety - In case of fire the building is equipped with top-of-the-line aspirating smoke detection systems and hi-tech FM-200 fire suppression systems. This system is specifically designed to stop electrical fires and protect electronic equipment.


Ubersmith is a powerful account management system that works seamlessly with PowerEdge hardware. It integrates with your server so you can monitor your real-time traffic, status, and account information from one simple and powerful user interface. Once configured, Ubersmith can even send you notifications and reports via email to notify you when events occur or sumarize hardware activity.

Contact Us & Ask You Like

For the recorde, you maybe al ready know we currently available on Facebook and Twitter already. Recently we join with Youtube to stay more connected with the world. We are soon going to lunge our BLOG where our tech masters will update their experience. Anyway you can call use anytime on just put a mail at [email protected] we are answer you ASAP.