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Server Management
Current day server management iself is a big issue for every one. Also this is a big issue for Geeks. Keep your server good is very tough job. So we came up with this service. In here we manage your server and make it ok. On our management there is not only server management. There is also Script Hosting, Server management for applications, Linux Cloud Hosting , Server Control panel hosting, Antivirus support, Remote support, VPN support, Linux Desktop, Load balance management, DDOS protection, IPs managements and more. Our server management is only applicable on our servers not external servers. Our management team works in 2 ways Job basis or Hours basis. We also offer you 100% cooperation with you at to the end. After job done you can call us fro free help upto 30days. ►►more
Selling License
We are selling legal license. We are currently selling cPanel/WHM License - applicable on all external and internal servers, VPS and more. With this legal license you can direct contact with cPanel support. 24x7 they will able to give you any server regarding issue. Our license cost is lower that market cost. We are selling external and internal license will be cost effective.
We are also selling WHMCS license but only internal. We mostly offer you a free host and whmcs license to host with. If you want we offer free installetion. We also offer clearing bug and make your WHMCS service 24x7 online. We offering you WHMCS license with a dedicated IP on you sub-domain name you can add also SSL internal or from external. it's depends on you. With our any reseller plan WHMCS License cost will be decries.  ►►more
Reseller Programme 
Currently we are allowing Reseller Programme. We have reseller programme on Servers, VPS and Domain Registration. For our clients we cut the 20% cost of the products. Only we allow our active clients on our server reseller and VPS Reseller. Well, previous clients can continue with all. Our domain reseller plan for every one. Registered must be need. On our all plan you can put your own details on plan and you can sell them. Products availability depends on supply. Our resellers are not affiliates, they only can make money for selling products on there names. Resellers got privet email ID to get fast support for his/her clients. Before you join as a reseller please ask about the programme. All terms and conditions will be applied as well.  ►►more
Script Coding Pro
We have own developers to develop new script. Own freelancer so you don't have to go anywhere els to find any trusted one. We have designer, Developers, coders, Layout people, each and everyone are professional. To do your job and stay with you at to last. We are also developing paid or public source scripts. To get this services you need to talk to us. You have havet to contact us and write what you need with all details and we will contact you ASAP.
Web Designing
HTML, XHTMLxCSS or CSS with HTML, CSS with PHP or wordpress theme designs or more you just need to contact us. Our professional web designers are here to help you. Not only this we are with you at to the last. Site design complete within 7 days guaranteed. We charge a per page. Currently we are doing WHMCS Page integration. So just contact us and make ready you job. If you have any question you can ask.
Affiliation Programme
We are talking here Advertising affiliation. You can make money here. We don't have this programme before but after lots of request we have to start this one. In here if you made him any product by you will get 10-20% commission. There is also commission on servers selling and License selling. Extra money - If your affiliated client buy more than 2 Products you will get commission daily. means if you affiliate 10 people Each buy 4 products means 2x10 = 20 x % of commission = Your earning. In one word HUGH Earnings. ►►more

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