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Before I start any FAQ I will suggest you to don't ask some worth less questions. Which only wasting of time. See below some kind of questions are -

Q. Who own this site? Is he American or from Bangladesh?
A. Is that anything related with your Hosting or server? Read the About Us page.

Q. I bought a Protected Cloud hosting plan or a Normal Shared Hosting there is "cPanel/WHM" is that means I get full WHM access too?
A. You think you will get high class DDOS Protection with WHM just for that small cost. If you go to buy that kind of security tou should buy a server which cost you 5000$ you think within $100 you get everything? Or you bought a shared hosting for 20$ do you think you will get WHM access too. What's wrong with you - Can't you see there is cPanel " / " WHM - written. It means if required WHM then yes or cPanel Access for sure. Please don't ask this kind of question.

Q. I can access my WHM or cPanel account but it's written it's a Trial version. WHY?
A. That is not your business. If there any login issue let us know. We sometimes delayed to update license because that is cPanel property. We active like 10-20 servers daily and quested for cPanel Licensed if they take time to process that's not our fault. But they are always ready to help.

Q. Can I store MP3 files or Video files on shared Hosting?
A. Do you think any body can allow that? This is shared hosting for god shake.

Now the question answer most people looking for. People asking us lots of question - if you try to put all of them here this FAQ will never been finish. So we choose some of them and try to solve most of the confutations.

 Q. What is Linux, Windows or Java Hosting?
A. We do have plans on this kind of hostings. These hosting made as users use, most for them basd on programming languages. In short on linux hosting you can host php files and can use My SQL. On Windows hosting you can use ASP Pages and use MSDB. On Java Hosting you can run Jsp pages and able to use tomcat. You choose as your use.

Q. How to pay? I'm from Pakistan or Iraq or whatever places there not gat to use Paypal or Alertpay?
A. Simple answer is check out our PAYMENTS PAGE. We all described there. If you still need help you are able to contact for our support any time.

Q. How do I access my VPS or my dedicated server without Panel?
A. This is very easy what you have to do is Download Putty and put your IP then choose your port and OK. Then put your username as "root" then the password we mailed you and done. You get full access of root. on our VPS or Dedicated Server. If you need to restart it put command "reboot" that's all.

Q. I have some pre-signup questions?
A. If you have any pre-signup question which is not solved on live Chat please mail us on [email protected] or [email protected] (Expert Team) we will reply you within 24hrs. Please don't ask stupid or relevant questions such as - "Is your data center top of the mountain because you talking about clouds?" or "What is cloud networking means? or stable computing means?" - Please Google it or read on "Wikipedia" don't waste our time. Pre-signup questions need to be ask for valid information about our products or services before purchasing.

Q. How do I get latest info or daily update?
A. After focusing on our business in last year. We get many objection about SPAM (By Google, Yahoo and inbox.com) mail. Actually we are updating the latest news and Networks updates but these free/paid mails get our mail IP randomly so they started these mails as SPAM. so in 2012 we took some decisions - We update all our news and networks updates on our social networks accounts. FACEBOOK and TWITTER. So you can just follow us, read all updates or offers and more. Most sensitive and advanced way to be stay connected.

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