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The Environment
At IWHU, we've worked hard to minimize the environmental impact of our services. For instance, to provide users with nonstop using our servers or updating his sites for three weeks, we uses less energy than it takes to do a single load of music play on your iPhone. If you add in our renewable energy and offsets, our footprint is almost zero. And we continue to find new ways to reduce our impact even further. Learn more about our efforts below.

Green Data Center
Green Data Centers building is not so easy all the time. We have servers locations where is building organic data center is impossible but we have to build each and every data centers of ours eco friendly. In 2010 we started our be a eco-friendly company project but the problem is how do you start? This is impossible for us put $1 Billion dollars to be a eco-friendly! or build eco-friendly environment anywhere we want. So we start research - first we join companies who offered us eco-friendly data centers guarantee but is they really eco-friendly? Lots of confutations created then we first join Google Apps/datacenter and make our all emails, Task, Official works, Docs exchange or reminders even we added our iPhones backups via Google. Well, we all knew they are the one of the best eco-friendly company in the world. But problem still raise how do we build eco-friendly data centers? What do we need? For all those information we start talking with many SAVE THE GREEN organizations is CA, Google, iPage and others. And finally we had the answer - the same year we complete our layouts of green dc. There is 7 things you need to be green :) .

7 Things Who Makes You Green

Save Energy - Servers use lots of energy, you can't decries that because clients came to you and asked of servers with his own specifications, no matter what it cost to him or us but he needs his own specifications exactly. We on another side tried to decries the electricity consummation - so we build our own UPS and battery for each servers. It's a process where - we take the AC charge our single battery, then use DC > AC and power-up the server. Normally companies use bigger UPS with 50-100 batteries but we did with a single one and save $10 per day on each servers we lounge. 

Power of Green - If some one asked you for a server located in Hong Kong - What kind of Green Power system you can find there or build one? That's a city of ROCKS and IRON and no nature helps. Very little of the world’s power is from renewables like wind and solar. We're working on changing that by buying electricity directly from solar system near our data centers for that reason we need to change or data center location. We almost build the electricity source for that the land owner get money and finance his own solar energy system and be a distributor and we get greener.

Low Power Use on Our Offices - That the most hardest part, our office opened 24x7! Computers opened 24x7, continually power supply on servers.... OK! so we first join Google App for our daily works it's reduce most of the work loads and also it's it's Google so it's 50% Green. We started to use low power consumes lights, batteries for run computers, using UPS on each computers, added shots as a uniform so works not get hot quickly, very low electric consumption AC or Water Filters and more also plant trees out sides of our DC or offices to cool the environment and convert the CO2 to O2.

Use the Carbon - A proper use of the carbon was really hard. What we wanted is we use the carbon for the benefit of the environment but how. It's can't be just put 100 trees out sides of our offices or our data centers so we started to investigate and we found it at last and it save like 20$ per half-day. We use that recycled item in good use and saved the environment too.

Recycling the Carbon Help - We don't have place or proper firms for recycle the Carbons but what we did is - we collected the carbons and send it to the proper recycling firms of ours as a raw material. There we recycle the carbon and make useable products for human then we sold it. It's not even helped our business to grow it's also help us to grow and build a better world.

Renewable Energy - If you thinking using windmill or solar panels is the answer, then you are wrong. As already said some times climate or location of our data centers against us. In that time we had to find way to be more green and less carbon. Like waterfalls or organic gas the answer - In India we have DC based on organic gas and waterfalls which not only helps us to be green it's also clean the location's environment.

Be GREEN - Yes you can save energy and be green from today. Use our servers which use 99% green energy and our products and be a SAVER OF THE WORLD! We have 1000+ servers clients and over 500+ web host users and almost 10 billion people everyday use sites hosted on our servers. Be our customer and reduce your impact on the environment. We plant a tree on name of of yours after using our service/s minimum 1 year.

Use Our GREEN Products

We sell dedicated server, Virtual servers, Hosting, cloud servers even our domains DNS from our green servers. If you buy one item from us means you help us to push the 1% carbon a away. You business small or big our products and prices are flexible and works with your any business model. In 2011 we did a live stream meeting with all our workers and developers and other mentors from others sites to make our servers costs flexible as per users use. Our products prices are not decided by market our prices decided by users uses. To be a green company we invested lots more in the market but we didn't change the prices much but added new services. We lunge many more new services in the future please keep choosing us - and be a green lover.

Green Company's Infrastructure
Since 2010 to 2013 we planted like half of billion plants, talked with many environment savings departments or organizations such as EPA [United States Environmental Protection Agency], worlds others operatives and more. We still building open space and natural resources that keep healthy us and our environment our mission is not only making build giant industries also making greenery as much as we can and also use that for our use and leave everything else as a open source project so people can do that by himself.
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