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It all started in 2008 when former web hosting industry veterans decided to move from employee to owner. In a matter of months the first IWebHostU website, packages, and feature set was developed. From the onset IWHU set out to competitively be different by being one of the largest software distributors of web hosting billing software created by us. By creating competitive packages, selecting the right partners, and hiring the first round of employees IWHU quickly gained a great reputation with both customers and with industry analysts.Internally discussions started about how IWHU would be able to truly be a different company and what types of things we could do that would provide "unique" feature sets exclusive to the IWHU hosting platform. In speaking with hundreds of customers, developers, and knowing what we ourselves would want from a hosting company, Reseller Central was born. Reseller Central allows the selection of location for hosting website from over 10 locations on either cPanel Linux or Direct Admin and provides access to part of our international network of servers.
Today we are set out to become the premier web hosting provider that becomes your final destination for shared web hosting, virtual dedicated servers, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers. Our team has spent two years fine tuning processes, products, and offerings to stay competitive and value oriented. We have worked hard to secure a global network of servers, hired forward thinking hosting gurus, and internally built a hosting infrastructure that is both unique, secure, and reliable. The future of hosting will bring massive changes in the upcoming years and the product development team is already hard at work evaluating new service, enhancing current product sets, and obsessing about the current infrastructure. With the launch of this new website we had a couple goals that you should take advantage of. We wanted to put some faces to the names of people you will deal with on a daily basis. The Staff Profiles provide you both a visual and personal outlook on the system administrators, management, and customer service people you will deal with on a daily basis. Finally we wanted to provide you in depth information on our services, network, and policies. The final goal was to provide what we consider the world’s best service level agreement which simplifies and establishes the IWHU Promise to our customers.

We are all stands for you

We always work for you. Do host and host giant servers and Data Centers. We need your support to run this hosting organization we always stands for you. Please take a look around our site and contact us if you have questions, comments, suggestions - or even complaints. Any feedback you provide will help us serve you better in the end!


Are you a new website owner? IWEBHOSTU offers help when you need it - 24/7, by phone and email. Do you need flexible, affordable hosting for a new project? IWEBHOSTU's service is available one month at a time; we won't try to rope you into a long contract. Looking for hosting you can count on for a mission critical site? We take four levels of precautions to maintain a 99.9% uptime and keep your data safe.


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